February 7, 2011

My Custom Agenda

Because last time I showed you a project that implied a little more work than what I had posted before, I wanted to stay in this "hard-labour" area and show you my 2011 agenda which I sooo love :D
When I bought it, I knew it was very beautiful already, but I knew in that very moment that I wanted to add some quilling on/in it. I got drawn by the beautiful silver pattern and also by the deep-ocean-inspired blue cover. Because it was more of a notebook and less an agenda, I decided it needed a "glowy" 2011 on the first page, so I made one.
The quilling itself is essentially nothing complicated, just basic coils shaped to create sort of a swirly pattern.
Here's what came out:

Because I told you I wanted the numbers to be glowy, I filled them up with navy blue glitter, using the best technique I've seen so far, on Cathe Holden's blog - JSIM (one of the first blogs I've discovered when I started enjoying crafting and one of my favourites - although Cathe doesn't do quilling, but graphics - and she's GREAT at it!) and which you can find HERE.
Before discovering her post, I was quite afraid of the glitter - or better said of using it -  (don't laugh, I really was, because I never knew how to put it, how much, when, why and, most important how can I not disperse it all over the place).
What I basically learnt when I saw her glitter paperworks is that you better use bottled glitter, like that you can see in the pictures there, and NOT those glue pens containing glitter, because this way you can apply a nice even coat of glitter on the pre-applied adhesive you use, let it dry and take out the excess. I can assure you the results are exactly as you can see them in Cathe's post (I obtained a comparable result starting the first time I used bottled dry glitter). The pens, which I don't recomend, contain too much adhesive and little glitter, dry very slow (at least those I tried did) and the final results aren't satisfactory at all.
Well, hope this was both nice and helpful to you and I'll be waiting for your comments and impressions.
Until next time,
Behave And Quill!


Carole said...

I love quilling but you must have so much patience, it looks so wonderful.

Happy Quilling said...

Thanks Carole, you are so sweet. Yes, I guess quilling in general it's about pacience...but I think that definetely we like that, don't you think?