March 12, 2011

Royal Purple

I decided to share a quick post with you before I go to sleep today, so here it is :) I made this card for one of my professors in college, which was given by one of my colleagues and, as far as I know, she liked it very much.
It was the first time I used such a technique, inspired by the layering Gina K. is doing in her videos on the Stamp TV Youtube Channel - which by the way, I love so so so much!!!!!!

Unfortunately, as I have no dies or Cuttlebug (...yet :D) I had to keep it this simple, without risking to make it look clumsy or rough and tumble. I like the colours and the fake-embossed card stock - which I will show you in a future post how it's made and I like how the flower is positioned asymetric.
I am planning to make a couple more cards like this the next week, so stay in touch!
Until next time,
Behave And Quill!


Virtual Atom said...

What a beautiful work, it reminds me of my cildren's days, where i stood under lilacs and smelled their perfume.. it is as if i smell it trough this craft again.

You are really talented, and it is my love to see my own imagination and memories in your wonderful work.


Anonymous said...

very nice.

chillin with Quillin said...

Very lovely!

Helen said...

lovely, I need to learn how to do this.

Bronwyn said...

Looks great!

Dana said...

Arata foarte bine! :)

Cand te hotarasti sa-ti iei un Cuttlebug, sa ma anunti si pe mine! Ma bate de mult un gand... :D

Happy Quilling said...

Thank you everybody for you nice thoughts! And thanks a lot for paying me the visit ;)

Dana, Cuttlebugul este in proiect...alaturi de inca alte cateva chestii... :D sper sa le pot dobandi cat de curand ca deja i made a little poodle drooling at them :))

Andrei M. said...

and the best part is that the most beautifull was made for me and our beloved teacher "Lumi"
thank u very much Diana !!!!

Katrin said...

What charm!

Baukje said...

What a Beatiful cards !!!
Groetjes Baukje

Monica said...

Such an elegant card... love the flower so intricate and yet so delicately done. The paper looks stunning along with it.

xxx Monica

Anca said...

Soo beautiful, Diana.