February 15, 2011


I've never been very much into Valentine's day, but this year I received a symbolic present, so this drew me to posting a present for all my dear readers, no matter where you are. I am sorry I can't actually give you what is in the pictures, but enjoy it virtually as much as possible!

May you love the one near you every day of the year, every hour of the day!
Until next time,
Behave And Quill!


fio said...

What a lovely blog you have! I'm a newbie blogger too, I hope you'll visit -- lately I have been quilling, but my blog is about a lot of crafts. I'm a subscriber to your blog now!
My blog is at:

I got a little tired of Valentine's day things so today I quilled some musical notes for a violin ornament -- pictures here:

I hope you like it!

Philippa said...

Looks absolutely yummy!

Happy Quilling said...

Fio, thank you for your visit and appreciations! I stopped by your blog and you have very nice things there. Go on with the good work!

Philippa, it does, doesn't it? :)) Sorry I can't really share this with all of you... But thanks for the compliment! :)

Antonella said...

What cute idea and yummy too!! I've added you to my blogroll, would love if you could also add mine. Hugs, antonella :-)

chillin with Quillin said...

Yummie, love the heart on the toothpick,thanks for sharing,lol

K_rpe_2M said...

Miss,i hope you'll have your wedding cake like this:D(and as tasty as well:P)
I also hope you'll invite me too so i can have a happy tongue and a happy eye;)
ps:the watermark on the pics...i don't like it...too big,too obvious...:-??

Anonymous said...

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