March 9, 2011

(A Late) Happy Mother's Day!

I know it's already the 9th, but I've just finished my card for tonight and I couldn't let this day (actually yesterday already...) to pass without telling all the beautiful and crafty women I know here in the blogosphere a sweet, truthful and well-deserved  

"Happy Mother's Day!"

As a gift for all my lady readers and followers ( in fact, all talented crafty women are ladies, because the art will always ennoble us) I will share with you a card I've done last night, as a request from one of my college colleagues, who wanted this for her mother. It's been the first time I've quilled with this palette of colours - chocolate, cappuccino, mild beiges and yellows, khaki, pale greens and a touch of burgundy. I've had the papers for a long time, loved the colours when I had bought them but never had the chance to work with them. But I must admit I like the way they blend together on the ivory card stock, although they might look more like "autumn-y" rather than "spring-y" :) 

I truly hope that the celebrated receiver of my work enjoyed it. Do you? I'll wait for your opinions and comments below, but,

Until next time, 
Behave And Quill! 


chillin with Quillin said...

It's really beautiful, and love the colors!

SUGANTHI said...

Beautiful !

Dana said...

Lovely! :)

Katrin said...

Very beautifully!

Happy Quilling said...

Girls, thank you so much! You are all so great! >:D<

sahajshakti said...


Khushboo said...

Beautiful work..

Сузана Илић said...

What a wonderful post! Happy ( late ) Mother's Day to you, too! I missed that day, too lol
Your colors are so great, mixed perfectly. Your quilling is at the top! I'm sure the recipient would love it!

Monica said...

Gorgeous, love the subtle colours as well.

xxx Monica