April 7, 2011

You're Sweet. Candy Sweet.

Tonight I share with you a delicious treat. No, it's not chocolate, muffin and not even sherbet, for it to be said. It's sweeter. And cuter :) At least so I think.
I've made this baby-blue - candy-pink combo almost by accident, but when I put them aside and said the names of the colors I realized how well they would work together.
And, of course, what would a nice treat like this be without a little sugary sparkle? So I sprinkled as much sparkling accents as I could...
As far as I know, the also sweet recipient of this card hasn't received it yet, but I was promised to be told I would get the feed-back as soon as possible. Until then, I'll be expecting yours, along with your comments and opinions! So, what do you think?

Bye for now,
Until next time,
Behave And Quill!


Philippa said...

Lovely card - the colours look great against the dark background.

chillin with Quillin said...

Lovely, like the colors and sparkel, neat idea for the center of the flowers!

Mona Jain said...

Thanks alot for the lovely comment!! It just amazes me that there is so much great work and inspiration out there. I am so glad that the card made your day :) have a great weekend..and happy crafting!!
Best wishes

Regina said...

Diana!! I love it!! You´re right ... the colors are amazing and you did a lovely job!!! Thanks a lot for sharing and a wonderful weekend.

Crafterkhush said...

What deadly combination.. I would never have the heart to try such bold colours on black..It;s just great work...

Karuna said...

so glad to find your lovely blog. Enjoyed ll the pretty quilling you do. Such amazing work!

Divya said...

Another fantastic creation from your crafty hand, very nice work...

Happy Quilling said...

Thank you all so very very much! I enjoyed a lot making this card and reading your beautiful comments just made my heart melt :">

Philippa, I had to try using a complete black background. The effect created also dazzles me!

Paula, I am not sure if I would be the first one to make such centers for the flowers, but I can tell you I didn't get inspired from anywhere, just made them from my imagination. If you're curious about how I made them, just let me know!

Mona Jain, you are a wonderful artist, I love both your painting and quilling! Thank you so much for your time commenting on my post.

Regina, you are so sweet! Thank you so much! I feel honored to receive such nice compliments from you!

Crafterkhush, you have to try bold looks, they just work for almost everybody! Try and see!

Karuna, you are so nice! Welcome and feel home on my blog! I am so glad we connected into the blogosphere!

Divya, thank you so much! Quillers like you and others inspired me through time to love more and more quilling and to try to keep up with you all!

Nágela said...


Very beautiful. I loved the flowers and the colours!

Helen said...

Love the bright colors. They sure look delicious. I love your scrolls.

teddy bear princess said...

cute card! :D
I love the pink color <3

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Bronwyn said...

Very nice card - love the colours

Aimilee said...

Awww I really like the blue twirls coming out of the flowers! Nice :)

chillin with Quillin said...

Would love to know how you made the center of flower!

traditional sweets said...

Great idea! We have also done in this kind of project and we also made such crafts with the use of quilling.