January 10, 2011

Hello? Anybody there?...

Hello! My name is Diana, I am from Romania (Eastern Europe), I am a 4th year Pharmacy Student in Cluj-Napoca (Transilvania) and the most relevant trait about me at the moment is that I LOVE QUILLING!!!  
I only discovered this old but genuinely amazing craft, when I've accidentally reached a blog in which, among others, the author showed some pictures of quilling-made cards. She hasn't been telling how they were made or how the technique was called so I started a madly search on Google trying to find out what was the marvelous thing that I had just discovered, but had no idea about.
After several hours and probably hundreds (literally!) of pages and photos searched I've finally found the magic word:
From that moment on I knew I have just discovered my absolutely-all-time-favourite paper craft which in time would become simply my favourite craft and free-time-occupation. 
My first quilling tool was a poorly hacked toothpick with which I made my first quilled piece ever: a sky-blue snowflake (I am hoping to show you pictures of it soon.) 
On one hand I couldn't believe it was so easy to quill paper and on the other I couldn't wait to quill the most complicated cards and miniatures I was discovering. In a short time, I realized I had gathered hundreds of photos from all over the internet with some of the most amazing works which would keep inspiring and awe me every time I would take a look at them. 
 In some of the next posts I'll share some of them with you and hopefully I will be able to remember their authors and link their blogs or websites, when possible. 
I will also try to share some of my (still newbie) work and encourage you all to try at least once this wonderful-wonderful craft.
Because at first I was all around trying to find some blogs where I could study other quillers' work, I will let you know some of the best blogs that helped me a lot in my work with quilling, but not only. As you can already see, I posted some super nice buttons of other blogs I totally love and I find so great and helpful in any crafter's work.
And least but surely not last, I will try to make some tutorials and share some tips&tricks that helped me figure it out how to quill better, faster, nicer. 
Remember that you can leave your comments or questions at any time wherever you want on my blog (in the comments section or in the question box) and I promise you an answer ASAP!
Until next time, 
Behave And Quill! :) 


Philippa said...

Good luck with your new blog, Diana!

Happy Quilling said...

Thanks a lot Phillipa! Hoping to add new articles and photos pretty soon :) Thanks for your kindness and hope I'll see you back soon :)

Dr Sonia S V said...

Such eloquent writing. I am happy to see you are a pharmacy student. I am an ENT Surgeon and an avid crafter. I too discovered quilling recently. It is addictive and relaxing.
Do drop in to my blog when you can
Dr Sonia S V