January 19, 2011

Like being in the 1st grade again!

Being a newbie is so sweet, because of all the curiosity that surrounds you and all the excitment you get when you do realize or discover different things. Quilling is no different when talking about this, as I felt all this joy and excitment when I first started to work. I'll try to post during the next days most of the works I've done so far, especially the first one of which I have not taken a picture yet, but I promise I will.
Until then, though, I want you to show other paperwork I've done during the holiday.

I put more pictures, so you can see different angles of the card, and also notice that the true colours of the paper used are not those from the first picture, but from the next ones. I hope you like it and am looking forward for your comments. :)

Until next time,
Behave And Quill! :)

1 comment:

ArtBug said...

lovely work...g8 colors..just too good..